Our key collaborator is the Department of Cellular Therapy at the Norwegian Radium Hospital/Oslo University Hospital, headed by Prof Gunnar Kvalheim.

Zelluna has a long-term collaborative research and development agreement with the Department of Cellular Therapy.

The Department of Cellular Therapy is home to one of the largest GMP certified academic facilities for the production of cellular products in Europe. The Radium Hospital is also one of the few European sites participating in Novartis' trial with CD19 specific CAR T cells.

The department has developed an R&D platform that forms the basis of a highly efficient pipeline for the discovery and identification of new clinical candidate TCRs.

Combined with pre-clinical development capabilities and a dedicated clinical trial unit, the Radium Hospital/Oslo University Hospital has the complete set up for clinical translation of TCRs.

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    Department of Cellular Therapy at the Norwegian Radium Hospital, headed by Prof. Gunnar Kvalheim