08 August, 2018

Scientist – Cellular & Molecular Biology

Zelluna Immunotherapy is an exciting and dynamic start-up specializing in adoptive T cell therapies with a distinctive approach. The company has unique access to tumor specific T-cell receptors (TCRs) isolated from vaccinated patients who have shown remarkable long-term survival in late stage solid cancers. These TCRs recognise untapped class II as well as class I tumour associated antigens and so we believe the company portfolio provides differentiated therapeutic opportunities to drive transformative benefit to the lives of solid cancer patients.

Our vision is to build a science led company that delivers on these medicines.

We are seeking experienced cellular and molecular biologists to establish our research capabilities and develop and expand on our portfolio. The successful candidate will be passionate and excited by our approach; is someone who thrives in a continuous learning start-up culture and is dedicated to working with a team to deliver on our collective purpose.

Key Responsibilities

  • To contribute or lead the establishment of core molecular and cellular biology facilities enabling in vitro evaluation of the expanding company portfolio
  • To initiate, lead and execute laboratory work to advance the expanding company portfolio
  • To offer insights and expertise on technical elements and direction of experiments
  • To collaborate closely with the Department for Cell Therapy at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and transfer methods to Zelluna Labs; to work with OUS on ongoing and new joint research activities
  • To set standards, laboratory procedures and an electronic infrastructure as a foundation for a growing research organisation
  • To keep abreast of technical and theoretical developments in T cell therapies and assays; to provide technical guidance to others within the team as well as new members of staff on how to use equipment most effectively

To act as a mentor or manager to others

Basic requirements

  • A PhD in Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology or a related discipline
  • At least 3 years relevant life science experience with cell therapy experience preferred
  • Expertise in T cell-based assays (e.g. ELISA/ELISpot, FACS, T cell killing, multiplex cytokine assays etc.) with a competence in molecular biology and a preference for retroviral and lentiviral experience; prior in vivo work would be an advantage
  • A strong understanding of T cell immunology and familiarity with T cell therapies
  • A proven ability to assimilate data and findings from multiple sources to advance programmes
  • Contributing content to clinical trial applications would be an advantage
  • An appetite to work in a start-up company with a “roll your sleeves up” mindset

We are at the start of our journey - join us, so together we can build the science, shape the culture and make a difference to the lives of cancer patients.

Please send applications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for applications has now expired.