August 13, 2018

Zelluna Immunotherapy appoints Dr. Namir Hassan as Chief Scientific Officer

Oslo, Norway, August 13th, 2018 - Zelluna Immunotherapy, the biotechnology company specializing in T-cell receptor (TCR) immunotherapies targeting a broad range of solid cancers with a high unmet medical need, today announces the appointment of Dr. Namir Hassan as chief scientific officer (CSO). 

“Namir has gathered extensive scientific knowledge in immunology, and, specifically, T-cell receptor based therapies. His experience spans research through to translational development in biotech and pharma and he has led the growth of research organizations in oncology and infectious diseases. This experience has given him excellent scientific and multi-organizational perspectives,” said Miguel Forte, CEO, Zelluna Immunotherapy. “As a result, Namir will be a great addition to Zelluna’s senior management team, and will contribute excellent ‘field-acquired’ experience and leadership to the development of the Zelluna product portfolio.”

Namir’s key initial responsibilities will be managing and planning the next stages of development for Zelluna’s existing products. This includes Zelluna’s core asset, an exclusive portfolio of tumor specific T cell receptors (TCRs) obtained from cancer patients with remarkable long-term survival following treatment with peptide-based vaccines.

Namir will also manage the building of Zelluna’s own research team and facilities. On a longer-term basis, he will lead research activities for the expansion of Zelluna’s portfolio with a focus on adoptive cell therapy for solid cancers.

Namir joins Zelluna from Immunocore where he built and grew the biology, preclinical and biomarker units targeting oncology. He also oversaw early development and the first-in-human trial of a TCR based biologic targeting a melanoma antigen, gp100. Most recently he created and grew the infectious disease unit, including developing the pipeline to helping to secure an investment of up to USD 40M from the Gates foundation. Previously, Namir had a leadership role in the discovery research organization within GSK, and has worked at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Namir received a DPhil from the University of Oxford in T-cell Biology. 

“Adoptive T-cell therapies have moved in recent years from a compelling concept to marketed products demonstrating profound survival benefit for patients with devastating hematological malignancies. However, differentiated lymphocyte targeting approaches are still needed to address the unmet medical need of the more common solid cancers,” said Namir Hassan, CSO, Zelluna. “The portfolio of Zelluna’s TCRs is particularly attractive because of their unique source and that several of them target antigens presented by HLA class II. As a result, I joined Zelluna because I believe these TCRs provide opportunities for driving differentiated therapeutic benefits in patients fighting solid cancers.

About Zelluna Immunotherapy
Zelluna Immunotherapy specializes in immunotherapies targeting a broad range of solid cancers with a high unmet medical need. The company is developing a unique portfolio of tumor specific T-cell receptors (TCRs) isolated from long-term surviving patients from cancer vaccine trials. The TCRs combine specificity and affinity to have the potential for a safe and efficient therapy to target a variety of common cancer types. Zelluna has a long-term CRADA with the Department for Cell Therapy at Oslo University Hospital (OUH), and is expanding the capabilities of TCR development, ranging from lead discovery to clinical translation. For more information, please visit